Reclaimed wood furniture is made from wood which had been previously used in old structures like barns and warehouses. Using reclaimed wood furniture is one of the best ways to preserve the existing forests and tress because when old wood is repurposed and reused, new trees don’t get cut. It helps reduce global warming and also saves the natural habitat of flora and fauna found in forests. Apart from conserving environment, many people opt for reclaimed wood furniture as it is usually cheaper, more durable and adds a unique charm to the décor.

Here are some reasons why you should for reclaimed wood next time you go furniture buying:

1.  Reclaimed wood furniture pieces are environmentally friendly: When you buy reclaimed wood, you can rest assured that you aren’t contributing to severe environmental issues like deforestation, global warming. The first part of recycling is reusing and reclaimed wood is just that. Reclaimed wood also doesn’t require a large amount of energy for its production and hence reduces the carbon footprint.

reclaimed wood frame

2.  Reclaimed wood furniture has a unique charm of its own:Just like fine things like cheese, wine, scotch, and whiskey wood also matures with age. Wood is very durable and as time passes, old wood gains a unique charm of its own which never goes out of style. This is why it is such a popular choice among builders and interior decorators. Wooden furniture blends in with several different themes and styles of home décor and doesn’t go out of style. And reclaimed wood furniture adds its own unique charm to the room. The main appeal of reclaimed wood is its excellent grain which is enhanced after the finishing process.


3.  Reclaimed wood furniture usually costs less: Wood is an expensive manufacturing material. Often, reclaimed wood furniture is priced lower than the new pieces as the manufacturer doesn’t have to pay money for tasks like chopping, shipping etc. Also, as this wood is purchased just before it is going to be destroyed, the sellers are happy to sell it at a lower price because otherwise, they would have to go through a lot of trouble to get rid of these old wood pieces.

4.  Reclaimed wood can be stronger:In many cases, reclaimed wood turns out to be stronger and sturdier than the new wood because the old wood was cut from the trees in an era when we didn’t have issues like ozone layer depletion, global warming, and commercial tree growing. This resulted in a wood which is stronger than the new wood which comes from tress affected by the factors mentioned above.

reclaimed wood wine rack

Before buying reclaimed wood furniture, you should make sure of important things like:

  1. Is it high quality? You can get good quality reclaimed wood if you buy from the trusted and reputed companies.
  2. Before purchasing reclaimed wood furniture, make sure that the entire piece is made from reclaimed wood. Many manufacturers try to cheat the customers by aging new wood to look like old or buy using reclaimed wood in the easily visible parts only.
  3. Where the wood was reclaimed from?
  4. The types of joints used: Dovetail joints are the best and most sturdy joints and are used in making high quality furniture pieces.
  5. Type of finish used: Most inexperienced carpenters simply use a lot of wax for finishing purposes and it is not ideal as wax becomes visibly white in cold and starts melting in higher temperatures.

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