Armoire Styles

If you have ever looked for an armoire for you home, you know that there are many varied types and styles.  It can be overwhelming trying to determine which would be best for your needs.  Here is a handy guide to the different type, styles and designs:

Standard or Sliding Door:  From the perspective of opening the doors of your armoire, they come in two different types.  Standard has doors that open out, similar to French doors.  Sliding has doors that slide back into the main body of the piece, keeping them out of the space surrounding the piece.

Bedroom Armoire: This style of armoire is somewhat like a stylish freestanding closet. It has numerous shelves and drawers to store clothing, linens and other bedroom items.

standard armoireWardrobe Armoire: While the functionality of the wardrobe armoire is basically the same as the bedroom armoire – storage – it is made with the upper portion of the piece open for hanging clothes as opposed to shelving. These are typically taller than bedroom and electronics styles.

Electronics Armoire:  Made with special spaces and features to fit different types of electronics, these styles of armoires can be a great way to keep your electronics hidden when not in use. A computer armoire or desk armoire usually has more shelves and spaces to store the different parts of a pc and includes a slide out keyboard holder.  A TV armoire will have a large upper opening for a TV along with spaces for items such as DVRs and video game consoles. These are the most likely to come with casters so that the piece can be moved around easily.

Jewelry Armoire: Much smaller than the other pieces and most often modeled after a wardrobe armoire with the addition of tall legs, these pieces are specialized to hold, well… jewelry. While not quite as fancy as the room beneath Buckingham Palace where the Queen’s jewels are kept, jewelry armoires can add a bit of elegance to your bedroom or bathroom. The upper section of these pieces typically have hooks and bars for hanging necklaces and earrings. The drawers are usually segregated into smaller spaces to make organizing your jewels easy.

Wardrobe and jewelry armoires are likely to come with mirrors to assist with putting on clothing and jewelry. A mirrored jewelry armoire or mirrored wardrobe armoire is more likely to have standard doors as the mirrors are often on the inside of the doors, so that when you open the doors the mirrors are readily available.

All four styles of armoire (bedroom, wardrobe, electronics, and jewelry armoire) can come with either standard or sliding doors, giving you a number of options depending on your needs and the space you have available.

shabby chic armoireEach of the possible combinations of type and style come in designs that range from antique and Victorian to modern and sleek and in every color you can imagine. Current manufactures produce more basic modern styles with clean lines and basic colors, but more ornate pieces are available as well. Basic wood colors such as maple, cherry and pine are the most common, however here are a number of shabby chic style armoires including white armoires.  And, as we have often mentioned, it doesn’t take much to paint and distress a piece of furniture to achieve the shabby chic furniture style.

Fun fact: “armoire” is originally a French word meaning arms cabinet – they originated as gun storage!


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