Antique shabby chic French furniture is one of the most popular furniture styles. Whether you want a farmhouse feel or a palace like look, French furniture style offers something for everyone.

A big benefit of choosing a French theme for your furniture is that this style goes well in many types of rooms. Whether it is a rustic feeling kitchen or an intimate and romantic boudoir, suitable French furniture pieces can be found for both options. The aged feel found in many rustic classic French furniture articles provides a comforting and refreshing change from the ultra-modern furniture styles we commonly see.

Instead of buying new antique looking French furniture, you can easily make-over any wooden furniture into rustic and shabby chic French style furniture with some paint and finishes. Classic French style colors include soft shades of light and breezy colors like blue, yellow and white. A furniture item painted in French-style will add warmth and charm to your room décor. Painting any normal furniture to look like French style is an easy task and it doesn’t cost much. You can recycle old furniture items and get a totally new look for your home at a budget price.

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to paint your furniture for a rustic French look:

  1. Choose a wooden furniture item which you want to give a new look. You can find something in your house or you can buy something which suits your tastes from a secondhand shop. The furniture doesn’t need to be antique but its shape is an important factor to consider. As most French furniture have curves, in design or details, any furniture items which has some curved details will be a good choice.
  2. If you want to replace them, take off the hardware items like knobs, handles, and pulls. Otherwise, you should cover them up with painter’s tape to protect them from paint and finishes. If you’re renovating any upholstered furniture item, you should remove the upholstery or you can cover it with newspaper or plastic. Next, cover your working area with a painter’s drop cloth or an old bed-sheet.
  3. Remove the original polish of the furniture using sandpaper.
  4. Apply a thin coat of primer. Make sure that you are using wood primer, not metal primer.french furniture paint
  5. Then apply one coat of the darker shade of paint. Let it dry. This coat of paint is known as a base coat. The base coat will get covered by another coat of paint in a lighter shade. This is done to create surface texture.
  6. Once the base coat has dried, apply a coat of the lighter shade of paint. Let it dry. The outer coat should be the color you want your furniture to be.
  7. Now to get a rustic, shabby chic or antique look for your freshly painted furniture, use steel wool to rub away small areas of the outer coat.
  8. Again, proceed to remove more paint with coarse sandpaper. But you should do this only in the spots where natural wear and tear happens, leading to faded or removed paint in areas like corners, edges and around the hardware like handles and knobs. This will result in an antique and shabby chic look.
  9. Take a step back and take a look at your work. If you have removed too much paint, you should add some back in.
  10. Now for finishing, take some furniture wax and rub a thin coat of it all over your renovated furniture item. Furniture wax is available in several tints, shades and color. Let it dry and then buff it.

painted french furniture

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