Tired of the cold look and feel of a minimalist and contemporary décor theme? Do you want your bedroom décor to reflect comfort and warmth? You should try shabby chic décor theme for your bedroom. Unlike modern minimalism, shabby chic style is nostalgic, comfortable, and well worn.

Here are some ideas for getting a shabby chic bedroom:

Start with the very basic of any room décor- the walls. Shabby chic style calls for muted pastel shades in wall color, instead or dark or vibrant colors. Thinks pastel shades like off white, ivory, and light shades of pink, green and blue.


Choose the right furniture for a shabby chic look and feel. Modern furniture designs/styles won’t fit in well with the old and well-worn look of shabby chic décor you have in mind. Therefore, find some furniture items which are vintage or antique (or look so). Instead of buying new, you can try your local antique or thrift stores for second hand old furniture. You can also recycle some of your old furniture items to look shabby chic. You can paint them, distress them or just roughen their surface a bit to get an old look worthy of shabby chic theme.

For example, a bed is the most important furniture in any bedroom. So you can try a wooden four poster Victorian bed for the vintage look. However, if your room is not big enough to easily accommodate a four poster bed, you can get a bed with an elaborate headboard to get the shabby chic effect. To complete the look, you can buy or make or your own vintage or distressed bedside table and dressing table.  Remember, shabby chic bedroom décor theme is all about the old world charm and comfort.four post bed

Shabby chic theme gives a vintage and comfortable feel to your bedroom. What better way to achieve this than buy decorating your bedroom using old soft furnishings like laces, eyelets, crochets, linen, chiffon etc.shabby chic bedding

Go for warm floral prints, whether it is for your cushions, upholstery fabric or the curtains. You can also incorporate subdued pastel shades in bed linens or in the colors of your furniture items like a delightful light pink colored bed.


Mix and match. Don’t try to match everything. Let it be random and comfortable. You can use a lace doily around your bed or your side table for a charming old look.

Accessorize the bedroom using the antique and vintage knick-knacks you find in your local flea market. Some examples are a wrought iron lamp, antique picture frames, chandeliers, candle stands or lamps, vintage paintings, vases etc.



You can add some flowers to bring some brightness in a room full of subdued pastel shades. You can replace the knobs and handles on your furniture items (like dressing table, drawers etc.) with mismatched one for a fun shabby chic bedroom look.

Find some antique or vintage lamps or wall fixtures to perfect the lighting part of your shabby chic bedroom.

vintage lamp

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