If you follow home décor trends, you will notice that minimalism is out of style and the shabby chic trend is here to stay. People are tired of the cold feel of minimalist designs and furniture and are now fond of warmth, comfort and nostalgia which come with shabby chic décor theme and furniture.

However, instead of buying new shabby chic furniture items, you can paint a furniture item to get a shabby chic look. This will save you money, recycle the old furniture and will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

Where can you find a furniture item which would be ideal for this task? You can find these antique looking furniture pieces at yard sales, thrift stores, antique stores, auction houses and sometimes, even in your own attic or basement. You can also try finding these online like on EBay or Craigslist. It could end up looking like this:

distressed painted furniture

Opt for a sturdy wooden furniture item with clean lines. It will be easier to paint over and will look classy over the years.

Basics to cover before painting:

  1. Decide where you would carry out this project and then prepare it for the oncoming work. Cover the floor with cloths and open the windows to ensure proper ventilation.
  2. Wear your safety gears like goggles, apron and gloves.
  3. Remove the hardware accessories like handles, knobs etc. attached to the furniture item.
  4. Fix the issues like chipped surfaces, holes etc. with wood filler. Remove the excess wood filler using a putty knife and allow it to dry.
  5. Now, sandpaper the entire surface of the furniture item.Make sure that the surface is completely even everywhere.

How to paint the furniture for a shabby chic look:

Once you have covered the basics, you should proceed to the task of painting the furniture item of your choice:

  1. Choose the color.
  2. Now apply water-based acrylic primer to the entire surface of the furniture. Primer gives a smooth finish to the furniture item and makes it easy to paint on it.
  3. Apply paint, in two steps. Apply the first coat of paint and let it dry. You can leave it overnight or at least for 6 hours. Once this layer has dried up, then apply the next coat of paint. Again, let it dry.
  4. If you want a distressed look for your shabby chic painted furniture, follow the same procedure as above, but instead of applying the same shade twice, choose a darker shade for the first layer. Once dried, you rub the furniture to remove the second shade of paint in some areas, giving it a natural shabby look. If you want to distress it more, you can use a wire wool or a piece of sandpaper for rubbing. In case you remove both the layers of paint, simply paint it again and start over.
  5. Finishing. Once you are done with the tasks of painting and distressing, finish up by applying a coat f finishing to the furniture. You can opt for a wax polish. It will protect the furniture’s surface and will also give it a lovely shine. Shabby chic painted furniture items don’t need any varnish finishing.

distressed painted furniture table

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