Mirrored furniture was a major part of 1930’s art and home décor style. Now updated with better designs to meet modern sensibilities, mirrored furniture is back in fashion and here to stay.  These furniture pieces look elegant and add class and beauty to a room.  As mirror reflects light, these furniture pieces also make a room look bigger than it is. Also, if there is a lack of proper sunlight and your room looks a bit dull and dim, add one of these elegant mirrored pieces to ensure more brightness in the room.

Some pieces can be very elaborate and also expensive. mirrored furniture

Want a great mirrored piece without the high price? You can make your own at home.  Before you begin, know that accurate measurements are the key to success of this DIY project. It’s always better to measure twice and cut once. This project is easier completed with a small furniture piece with straight lines and edges such as a coffee table or side table. But feel free to get crazy and creative!

Here is a list of things which you will need for this DIY project:

  1. A piece of furniture
  2. Paint supplies
  3. Measuring tape or ruler
  4. Mirror Glue
  5. Mirror cut to size, with polished edges
  6. Gloves and Eye protection gear
  7. Grout
  8. Acetone

Here is how to make mirrored furniture at home in just 5 easy steps:

  1. Get hold of an old and inexpensive furniture piece. Perhaps you can find something in your storage room or attic or you can buy it from Craigslist.
  2. Paint it in the color of your choice.
  3. Measure the area where you want to apply the mirror. Now get the mirror cut at any local hardware store according to the size requirements. Ask them to polish the edges.
  4. Apply mirror glue at the back of mirror and stick it to the furniture. Put some tight tape on the mirror and tape it across the furniture so that the mirror doesn’t move while the glue dries.
  5. Apply grout to soften the edges and to fill in any gaps that may have been left. Clean the mirror with acetone. Let dry overnight.

Voila! You now have a trendy piece of mirrored furniture and that you didn’t pay an arm and a leg for. Enjoy the elegance, beauty and class it will add to your room.

My Home Ideas has a great example of this type of makeover:

mirror table

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