When it comes to choosing sofa for your living room, an L shaped sofa is the perfect choice. It is comfortable, looks sophisticated and offers large seating areas, sufficient to seat several people. It is perfect for entertaining your friends and family. You will notice that L shaped sofa has slowly become a classic piece of furniture and it will always remain in style.

L shaped sofa are brilliant for utilizing that corner space which often goes to waste. Not only that, when you utilize the corner area, your living room will look bigger. Its compact design offers large seating area even in a relatively small space. Most L shaped sofas are sectional in design and can be pulled apart to be rearranged in a different style.

If you are curious about these L shaped sofas, here are some design ideas:

7 Modern L Shaped Sofa Designs for Your Living Room



l-shaped sofa



From Lonny:



From Wayfair:


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