The web is full of DIY blogs with lots of furniture makeovers and while many of them are very good, some are not. Of the ones that are good, there are not that many that are focused on the shabby chic style.  It can be a little bit like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find the best and most helpful furniture makeovers.  Here are a few of our favorites:

This dining room table is is spectacular and she uses a homemade chalk paint to do it. The DIY Mommy shows you how.


Need a new furniture piece not only painted shabby chic, but upholstered with the perfect floral fabric as well? Jen at Girl in the Garage shows you how it’s done.


Interested in using wax to shabby chic your style? Lori at Vintage Charm Restored gives you the details.

waxed furniture


Rattan Furniture Shabby Chic Style

Looking to add some shabby chic furniture and style to your home without spending a lot of money on new, or antique but new to you, furniture pieces? Wicker and rattan garden furniture are perfect items for a shabby chic revival.  If you have old wicker items that could use a lift, why not give them the shabby chic treatment?  Rattan furniture is perfect for this type of makeover as it is made out of plant fibers woven together, and easily “distressable”. To begin the makeover from outdoor garden furniture to indoor décor, you’ll need steel wool, spray primer, wax, and spray paint in a white, off white, or other light pastel color of your choice.

This chaise lounge would make a great piece for this type of project.

Wicker Chaise Lounge

Before you begin any furniture restoration you will want to clean the piece thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, soap, and water.  Wicker can store a lot of dust and dirt which should be vacuumed out, so be prepared for a lot of dust from your piece if it has been kept outside for any length of time.  Once you are sure that that your furniture is clean and dust free, you can move onto the next step.

Take some of your wax and rub it lightly in spots all over the piece.  Later once the item is painted this can be rubbed off to give a distressed look to the piece.  Next, lay down a dust cloth or painting plastic, and quickly prime the item with spray primer.  Once this primer is dry you can begin your next coat of spray paint to get the perfect white furniture look that will be the basis for your shabby chic revival. After the piece is painted and dried, you can now dress itwith floral patterns from vintage shops or even the shabby chic collection at Target.

rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture

For those who would like to have this type of shabby chic piece but do not have any rattan patio furniture of your own to use, you can look for good deals on rattan garden furniture on Craigslist or check out garage sales and estate sales in your area. Some stores sell new pieces of wicker and rattan furniture that does not need to be made over, it comes with the shabby look already, such as this chair from Amazon.

Painted furniture is the foundation for the shabby chic look and rattan or wicker can give you a great base to start with.