When it comes to interior decorating, there are no hard and fast rules. It all depends on your vision, preferences and creativity. However, over time, people have discovered some tips and tricks which apply to almost all home décor styles. You can follow these easy tips to get a great effect every time.

Most of these tried-and-tested tips require minimal effort and cost.  As they say, sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact.

Here are some easy interior decorating tips which will completely change the look and feel of your house:

  1. Painting small rooms in light and soft colors makes them appear larger.
  2. Proper usage of mirrors can add instant brightness to your room.

Mirrors are frequently used to make a small area feel larger than it is. Also, if the room gets only small amount of natural light, mirrors can be used to brighten up the room. All you need to do is to place the mirrors across from the windows. Now the mirror will reflect whatever light comes in and hence instantly add more light in the room. Mirrors can also be used for decorative purposes.

  1. Mix and Match. 

You should try mixing and matching to get an entirely new look and feel. You can mix up the patterns and different textures. You should try mixing up the old pieces with new ones and the key to the perfect interior decoration is that it should show your personality. It should show who you are and your style. Antiques in your home tell the stories from past. And that modern abstract art shows who you currently are. Mix up the fabrics. Get mismatched pillows and rugs.

  1. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a versatile, elegant and economical way to add storage space to any room. You can use these baskets to store things like magazines, books, toys, blankets, towels etc.

  1. Bring out the old and unused accessories.

With changing seasons and styles, we change the accessories and decorations in our home décor. Most of the times, we put them in storage and then forget about it. However, next time you think about changing the décor style, take a look into storage first. You will likely find something you like. This step will save you time and money.

  1. Give your furniture some breathing room.

You shouldn’t overcrowd a room with lots of furniture. Good home décor also means that you should be able to easily move through the room. Don’t fill up every nook and corner with furniture. Leave some space. Instead of buying a lot of furniture, buying some key high quality furniture and then let it command the attention in room.

  1. Go green.

You can add plants to any room, whether it is your living room, kitchen or even your bathroom. Plants don’t cost much, look beautiful, add greenery to a room and even maintain the air quality in the room. Most plants absorb air pollutants and harmful gases.

  1. Hang the artwork at proper height. 

The average human eye level is 57 inches. This is why most galleries and museums hang their artwork at this height. You should also hang the artwork at eye level in your room.

People make the mistake of hanging the art in the middle of the wall. However, this can go so wrong if your house has high ceilings. The best advice is to ignore how high the wall is. Hang the artworks at eye level.  Or if you are in doubt, take a picture. All good and bad things become clear in a photograph.

Purchasing a new full-length mirror should be an easy task. However it isn’t as easy as we like to believe. Just like purchasing furniture, purchasing mirrors takes a lot of time and consideration.  Before you finalize your choice, you should always do your research.

There are some things which you should keep in mind when buying a full length mirror:


1.  Type of Mirror:full length mirror

The first important point is what type of mirror do you want?  There are many types of mirror available. In full-length category, there are standalone mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors and lean mirrors. The choice also depends on what design you prefer.

2.  Space:

Space is a very important factor when it comes to deciding which mirror you should buy. For example, a standalone mirror wouldn’t blend in well in a small room. It would take a lot of space. On the other hand, a standalone mirror is a good choice if you have a large room or if you want to move your mirror occasionally.

3.  Budget:

Budget is another important point to consider. Mirrors have a wide price range. You need to work out how much you are willing to spend on a full length mirror for your room and then decide which one to buy accordingly. Don’t just drop in the shop otherwise you will be boggled by the wide range of choices available, both in design and price range.4.

4.  Patience:

Most importantly, you shouldn’t rush the buying process. Take some time to ponder upon these important points before you make a decision. Do your research and then go for a mirror which suits both your taste and your budget.full length mirror wall


As most full length mirrors come with a stand, they are also a great choice if cannot install them directly into a wall or door. Most full length mirrors are designed so that they blend in well with almost all types of décor themes and styles. Usually, full length large mirrors are 74 inches in length.

Full length mirrors come in various styles like cheval, wall-mounted or leaner mirrors. Full length mirrors which have their own stand are known as cheval mirrors. These stands can be oval or rectangle in shape and are commonly made of wood. These mirrors are also easily portable. Another type of mirror is the leaner category in which the mirrors are placed against the wall at a leaning angle. These mirrors are used for both practical and decorative purposes.



A sideboard is a piece of furniture which often goes unnoticed. However, it can be used as a perfect addition to almost any room in your house. An oak sideboard is a popular choice because the oak wood is very durable and is often reasonably priced. Oak wood furniture pieces are known to last for decades and even after long usage, they retain their classic look.

A sideboard is basically a piece of furniture with combined properties of a cabinet, a shelf and a table. Even though a sideboard is rarely the center of attention in any room, it is an elegant and functional piece of furniture which adds its own charm to the room.

There is a wide range of model types, shapes, designs etc. when it comes to oak sideboards. Commonly, these sideboards are often more long than wide and are put against the walls so that they do not obstruct the traffic flow in the room. Most sideboards have cabinets and drawers for storage purpose.

oak sideboardBut why should you an oak sideboard specifically? Some things which you should consider before buying an oak sideboard:

  • Sideboard Measurements: This is a very important point to consider before you go shopping. If you have decided where in your room you want to place the sideboard, you should take the area’s measurements and then purchase an oak sideboard which matches those measurements. There is a wide range of size options to choose from.


  • Drawers and Cupboards: Most oak sideboards offer storage space and have cupboards and drawers for the same. However, the number of cupboards and drawers vary according to the sideboard. For example, medium sized ones have 2 cupboards and drawers each. On the other hands, larger sideboards have 3 cupboards and drawers each. However, if you have something else in mind, many sellers offer the option of customization. You can customize the oak sideboard according to your preferences.


  • Style and Design: Just like any other popular piece of furniture, there are many styles and designs available in oak sideboards. If you have a preference or specific style in mind, you need not worry. There are various options available like traditional, contemporary, and modern. Many traditional sideboards have a rustic style, complete with iron handles and an aged appearance. On the other hand, modern designs of oak sideboards have clean lines with steel handles or sometimes even concealed handles.


  • Price: You must decide your budget before you go shopping for a sideboard. However, you would be surprised to know that many online retailers often offer oak sideboards at a cheaper price than the brick-and-mortar retail stores. Many of these online retailers offer free shipping option too. The best time to purchase such furniture pieces is during the sale season. Another good option to get a better price is by using discount coupons.

oak sideboard2


Jewelry armoires are excellent at providing not only storage for your jewelry but also a beautiful addition to any room. But why should you buy a jewelry armoire and not a jewelry box instead?  There are many reasons. Jewelry armoires are larger and most models come with four legs so they can be placed independently on the floor. These armoires also have more storage areas, including spaces for specific jewelry items.

jewelry armoire

Some advantages of a jewelry armoire:

Ease of access: You can keep all the jewelry in one place and there would be sufficient space so that they don’t get tangled in themselves bracelets, necklaces and ear rings generally do.

Safekeeping of your heirloom jewelry:  Most armoires come with a lock. Old jewelry pieces are often studded with a lot of jewels and these stones can get loose when they face regular contact with other jewelry pieces. Also, pearls are delicate and should be stored separately from other jewelry.

Here is a list of some important points which you should decide BEFORE buying a jewelry armoire:jewelry armoire2


A perfect jewelry armoire would match the style and theme of your home. This important point should be kept in mind when you plan to purchase an armoire. Most jewelry armoires are made of wood. But there are various options available like wood, metal, faux wood etc. Wooden ones also come with various types of furnishes to choose from like cherry, oak, mahogany, maple etc. Buy an armoire which blends in perfectly with the décor of your room.


There are many different types of armoires available in the market. Most basic jewelry armoires come with small drawer compartments which are used for storage of various types of jewelry. However, there are also some armoires which have special sections used for placing different jewelry like bracelets, earrings and rings separately.


Jewelry armoires come in various types of shapes and sizes. You will need to decide your requirements and then buy an armoire of suitable size. If you want security, make sure that you get one with lock. Before you buy it, make sure to check the lock. See whether it is sturdy and properly functioning.


Some important things to check for WHILE buying an armoire are:

  1. You should make sure that the interior of the jewelry armoire is lined.
  2. Confirm that the model of your choice has sufficient storage space to meet all your requirements. You should be able to keep all your jewelry in there without feeling like that the armoire is overstuffed.
  3. Everything works as it should. Check all the drawers. Check the lock.


Mirrored furniture was a major part of 1930’s art and home décor style. Now updated with better designs to meet modern sensibilities, mirrored furniture is back in fashion and here to stay.  These furniture pieces look elegant and add class and beauty to a room.  As mirror reflects light, these furniture pieces also make a room look bigger than it is. Also, if there is a lack of proper sunlight and your room looks a bit dull and dim, add one of these elegant mirrored pieces to ensure more brightness in the room.

Some pieces can be very elaborate and also expensive. mirrored furniture

Want a great mirrored piece without the high price? You can make your own at home.  Before you begin, know that accurate measurements are the key to success of this DIY project. It’s always better to measure twice and cut once. This project is easier completed with a small furniture piece with straight lines and edges such as a coffee table or side table. But feel free to get crazy and creative!

Here is a list of things which you will need for this DIY project:

  1. A piece of furniture
  2. Paint supplies
  3. Measuring tape or ruler
  4. Mirror Glue
  5. Mirror cut to size, with polished edges
  6. Gloves and Eye protection gear
  7. Grout
  8. Acetone

Here is how to make mirrored furniture at home in just 5 easy steps:

  1. Get hold of an old and inexpensive furniture piece. Perhaps you can find something in your storage room or attic or you can buy it from Craigslist.
  2. Paint it in the color of your choice.
  3. Measure the area where you want to apply the mirror. Now get the mirror cut at any local hardware store according to the size requirements. Ask them to polish the edges.
  4. Apply mirror glue at the back of mirror and stick it to the furniture. Put some tight tape on the mirror and tape it across the furniture so that the mirror doesn’t move while the glue dries.
  5. Apply grout to soften the edges and to fill in any gaps that may have been left. Clean the mirror with acetone. Let dry overnight.

Voila! You now have a trendy piece of mirrored furniture and that you didn’t pay an arm and a leg for. Enjoy the elegance, beauty and class it will add to your room.

My Home Ideas has a great example of this type of makeover:

mirror table