What exactly is retro furniture? Which era is considered retro and which is simply old? Furniture styles which were seen in the decades of 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s are known as retro. At that time, the war was over, there was a joy in the air and creativity was bursting through everywhere. New products, materials and designs were being launched.  Some examples of such experiments were melamine, Formica, loud prints and curvy lines in design.

retro furniture chairs

Some reasons why retro furniture is back in fashion:

  1. If you want to express your ideas and creativity through your home décor, retro furniture is the way to go. Retro style has vibrant color schemes like avocado green and burnt orange color which suit most creative palettes and ideas.
  2. Another reason for the popularity of retro furniture is its nostalgic appeal. Everyone likes some reminders of their childhood and what better way to bring back those memories than to use retro style furniture in your home. It brings a sense of comfort in home.
  3. It is said that style works in a circular way. What is currently trendy will soon get old and what is old will come back as the latest trend. This also goes for retro style furniture items. The older look of retro appeals to this generation because many of us are tired of the common modern designs and want a new experience.
  4. The fun element of retro furniture. These furniture items have a funky sense of design and make a bold statement. Instead of stark plainness which defines the modern and contemporary furniture style, retro style offers rich and eclectic colors, design and details.
  5. Another appealing factor is that you can find these retro furniture items for cheap. As they are still rising in popularity, they haven’t become as pricey as the trendiest options in the market. Also, there is a good chance that you can find many retro pieces in your own attic or basement. If you opt for this style, you get a completely new and bold home décor at a fraction of price.
  6. Retro furniture is also a good choice for the environment. When you use old furniture instead of buying new, you save trees and reduce your carbon footprint.
  7. These furniture items are also treated as collectibles. If you opt for a retro theme for your home décor, you get a new collecting hobby. Not only that, many of these pieces can be very valuable on market as retro furniture items are a popular choice amongst hobbyists and collecting enthusiasts. Their value increase in value as they get old. So it’s prudent to hold on to these items.

This green tufted sofa is a great retro piece that is almost a Chesterfield sofa, adding a bit more of a shabby chic touch.

retro furniture sofa

These retro furniture pieces can also be passed on to your children and grandchildren as vintage heirlooms. These items will be source of stories for your coming generations.

This book “Retro Furniture Classics” by Fay Sweet is a great resource to learn more:

retro furniture book

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