Vanity mirrors are mirrors which are used for things like applying makeup or checking your appearance. They usually come in small sizes so that they can be easily placed on a vanity set, countertops or on a low dresser.

vanity mirror standing

These mirrors come in many different styles of shapes, designs and styles. You can definitely find a vanity mirror which will match both your taste and your décor style.

If you like to be well dressed and have a perfectly groomed appearance, a vanity mirror is an essential item for you. Choosing a vanity mirror, which will suit all your requirements, isn’t a very tough decision but here are some important things which you should consider before buying one:

1.       It must have high quality features like clear reflection, distortion free magnification and some light settings which can simulate daylight.

2.       Magnification is very important when it comes to vanity mirrors. After all, you want to be 100% sure that there were no mistakes in your impeccable makeup. This feature also comes in handy when you are doing beauty rituals which require finesse and detail like tweezing your eyebrows or applying that perfect stroke of eyeliner. Most vanity mirrors come with 5x magnification but there are also some which offer up to 10x magnification. Before buying one, you should always try using the vanity mirror of choice at least once. Then only you will be notice whether the magnification offered is sufficient for your requirements or not.

vanity mirror magnified

3.       An ideal vanity mirror which always have the convenience of hands-free option. After all, you need your hands free to apply that makeup, don’t you?

4.       An adjustable mirror or arm is another good feature to consider.

vanity mirror mounted

5.       Mounted mirrors or the fixed one? Which one is a better choice? It depends on your requirements. Mounted mirror are usually side mounted and take up less space. These mirrors are also easy to move at different angles and directions. Fixed mirrors are lot less mobile and are usually hanged flat against the wall. They are also usually bigger than the mounted vanity mirrors and reflect bigger area.

6.       Double sided mirrors are a popular choice because they help you see both sides of your face and hence, makeup at the same time. You will be able to notice any difference or mistake immediately because when seeing both sides together, you will be able to notice whether makeup on both sides are even or not.

vanity mirror double

7.       Before buying the vanity mirror of your choice, compare its price at various online and offline retailers. Unlike most products, brick-and-mortar stores will be a better choice when it comes to buying vanity mirrors because in these stores, you will be able to actually look and check your reflection in the vanity mirror before you decide to purchase it.

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