The top 5 reasons you should have white bedroom furniture in your bedroom:

1.  White symbolizes peace and elegance and makes us feel at ease

white zen monk






There is no place where it is more important to feel peaceful and at ease than in our bedroom. They are our sanctuary. Our place of rest and relaxation. And they should have a décor that emphasizes that peaceful, restful feeling. White bedroom furniture gives you that feeling in the largest items in your bedroom.

2.  White coordinates with every style, theme and color

white bedroom set

It does not matter what color your walls are, what color your carpet or flooring is, or what color your bedding is, white goes with it all.  It is universal.  This gives you the opportunity to incorporate new furniture immediately, without have to change other décor in the bedroom, and it gives you the opportunity to change your décor as often as you would like with no worries about whether or not it will match the furniture. It doesn’t get much better than that!

3.  White never goes out of style

Similar in point to number 2, but not quite the same. White is classic and timeless. Your white bedroom furniture will never be outdated or out of style.  If you have the opportunity to get high quality, solid wood pieces, they really will last you a lifetime.

Look at this white room in the Neiborów Palace in Poland. No one will ever get tired of this.


4.  White makes the room appear bigger

Dark colors and décor make a room feel smaller and more closed in. Furniture contributes to this feeling, in the same way that paint colors, window treatments and bedding do. Lightening up your furniture can give you the feeling of a more open and expansive room, adding to your feeling or peace and calm.

5.  White is shabby chic

Shabby chic is built on the foundation of whites and creams. White furniture is one of the hallmarks of the style and there is no better way to incorporate it into your space.  Whether it is vintage or contemporary, one piece or your entire bedroom set – if you want to be shabby chic, white bedroom furniture is the way to go.

This bedroom set from Wayfair is amazing. Perfect in all its shabby chic-ness

white bedroom set wayfair




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