1.  You know exactly what you are getting:

Many manufacturers hide the low quality of wood used and poor carpentry skills behind the finishing. Everything looks good when it is painted and polished. But when you buy it unfinished, you can really see the wood used and how well is the furniture made.  In unfinished wood furniture, there is no hiding the defects under stains or paints.

Furniture Fashion has some great unfinished pieces in their post.

unfinished furniture

2.  It is customizable:

You can easily customize these unfinished pieces to suit your taste and home décor. Maybe the black painted furniture will go better with the color of your curtains, rugs and the wall paint, or maybe it’s white. But in the end, it will be whatever you want it to be. With unfinished furniture, you can choose the paint, the stains, the size, protective coatings etc. You can give it the full shabby chic furniture treatment!

Here is a great post with info on how to paint unfinished furniture from Painting Furniture.

3.  Made with love:

If you decide to finish it yourself, you can be sure that it is really made with love. Although sweat, cussing, tears and hard work may be involved too. But when you do finish it, you can be proud of something you made. It will be a proof of your hard work and persistence.  Finishing your own furniture gives you a sense of accomplishment and also saves you the time used in crafting, assembling and sanding the piece if you would have started from the scratch.

4.  It is cheaper than finished furniture:

When you buy your furniture unfinished, the manufacturer saves on labor, paint, polish etc. and this leads to a cheaper price for you. Quality solid wood furniture is made to last, so you get a piece that can be passed down for generations.

unfinished furniture


Need more information on buying unfinished furniture? Find it here at How Stuff Works.


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