When it comes to choosing sofa for your living room, an L shaped sofa is the perfect choice. It is comfortable, looks sophisticated and offers large seating areas, sufficient to seat several people. It is perfect for entertaining your friends and family. You will notice that L shaped sofa has slowly become a classic piece of furniture and it will always remain in style.

L shaped sofa are brilliant for utilizing that corner space which often goes to waste. Not only that, when you utilize the corner area, your living room will look bigger. Its compact design offers large seating area even in a relatively small space. Most L shaped sofas are sectional in design and can be pulled apart to be rearranged in a different style.

If you are curious about these L shaped sofas, here are some design ideas:

7 Modern L Shaped Sofa Designs for Your Living Room



l-shaped sofa



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When it comes to style and comfort, French beds offer the best combination. Add French country décor style and you have got a perfect shabby chic bedroom.

There are hundreds of websites offering many ideas for decorating your bedroom French style, French beds being an integral part of such décor themes.

Here are some places where you can find inspiration:


french bed




Tired of the cold look and feel of a minimalist and contemporary décor theme? Do you want your bedroom décor to reflect comfort and warmth? You should try shabby chic décor theme for your bedroom. Unlike modern minimalism, shabby chic style is nostalgic, comfortable, and well worn.

Here are some ideas for getting a shabby chic bedroom:

Start with the very basic of any room décor- the walls. Shabby chic style calls for muted pastel shades in wall color, instead or dark or vibrant colors. Thinks pastel shades like off white, ivory, and light shades of pink, green and blue.


Choose the right furniture for a shabby chic look and feel. Modern furniture designs/styles won’t fit in well with the old and well-worn look of shabby chic décor you have in mind. Therefore, find some furniture items which are vintage or antique (or look so). Instead of buying new, you can try your local antique or thrift stores for second hand old furniture. You can also recycle some of your old furniture items to look shabby chic. You can paint them, distress them or just roughen their surface a bit to get an old look worthy of shabby chic theme.

For example, a bed is the most important furniture in any bedroom. So you can try a wooden four poster Victorian bed for the vintage look. However, if your room is not big enough to easily accommodate a four poster bed, you can get a bed with an elaborate headboard to get the shabby chic effect. To complete the look, you can buy or make or your own vintage or distressed bedside table and dressing table.  Remember, shabby chic bedroom décor theme is all about the old world charm and comfort.four post bed

Shabby chic theme gives a vintage and comfortable feel to your bedroom. What better way to achieve this than buy decorating your bedroom using old soft furnishings like laces, eyelets, crochets, linen, chiffon etc.shabby chic bedding

Go for warm floral prints, whether it is for your cushions, upholstery fabric or the curtains. You can also incorporate subdued pastel shades in bed linens or in the colors of your furniture items like a delightful light pink colored bed.


Mix and match. Don’t try to match everything. Let it be random and comfortable. You can use a lace doily around your bed or your side table for a charming old look.

Accessorize the bedroom using the antique and vintage knick-knacks you find in your local flea market. Some examples are a wrought iron lamp, antique picture frames, chandeliers, candle stands or lamps, vintage paintings, vases etc.



You can add some flowers to bring some brightness in a room full of subdued pastel shades. You can replace the knobs and handles on your furniture items (like dressing table, drawers etc.) with mismatched one for a fun shabby chic bedroom look.

Find some antique or vintage lamps or wall fixtures to perfect the lighting part of your shabby chic bedroom.

vintage lamp

If you follow home décor trends, you will notice that minimalism is out of style and the shabby chic trend is here to stay. People are tired of the cold feel of minimalist designs and furniture and are now fond of warmth, comfort and nostalgia which come with shabby chic décor theme and furniture.

However, instead of buying new shabby chic furniture items, you can paint a furniture item to get a shabby chic look. This will save you money, recycle the old furniture and will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

Where can you find a furniture item which would be ideal for this task? You can find these antique looking furniture pieces at yard sales, thrift stores, antique stores, auction houses and sometimes, even in your own attic or basement. You can also try finding these online like on EBay or Craigslist. It could end up looking like this:

distressed painted furniture

Opt for a sturdy wooden furniture item with clean lines. It will be easier to paint over and will look classy over the years.

Basics to cover before painting:

  1. Decide where you would carry out this project and then prepare it for the oncoming work. Cover the floor with cloths and open the windows to ensure proper ventilation.
  2. Wear your safety gears like goggles, apron and gloves.
  3. Remove the hardware accessories like handles, knobs etc. attached to the furniture item.
  4. Fix the issues like chipped surfaces, holes etc. with wood filler. Remove the excess wood filler using a putty knife and allow it to dry.
  5. Now, sandpaper the entire surface of the furniture item.Make sure that the surface is completely even everywhere.

How to paint the furniture for a shabby chic look:

Once you have covered the basics, you should proceed to the task of painting the furniture item of your choice:

  1. Choose the color.
  2. Now apply water-based acrylic primer to the entire surface of the furniture. Primer gives a smooth finish to the furniture item and makes it easy to paint on it.
  3. Apply paint, in two steps. Apply the first coat of paint and let it dry. You can leave it overnight or at least for 6 hours. Once this layer has dried up, then apply the next coat of paint. Again, let it dry.
  4. If you want a distressed look for your shabby chic painted furniture, follow the same procedure as above, but instead of applying the same shade twice, choose a darker shade for the first layer. Once dried, you rub the furniture to remove the second shade of paint in some areas, giving it a natural shabby look. If you want to distress it more, you can use a wire wool or a piece of sandpaper for rubbing. In case you remove both the layers of paint, simply paint it again and start over.
  5. Finishing. Once you are done with the tasks of painting and distressing, finish up by applying a coat f finishing to the furniture. You can opt for a wax polish. It will protect the furniture’s surface and will also give it a lovely shine. Shabby chic painted furniture items don’t need any varnish finishing.

distressed painted furniture table

A good desk is one of the most important parts of any office. The desk you choose must be comfortable, classy and sturdy. It should have sufficient space to accommodate all of your important things. If you are purchasing a desk for your office, make sure that to get an oak desk. It fulfills all the requirements of a good desk and its sophisticated look always gives a good first impression.

There are several reasons why oaks desks are the best:

oak desk


  1.   Easy to maintain

Oak wood is strong and doesn’t require much maintenance. When you buy an oak desk, you won’t have to spend much time on its upkeep. Just polish it once or twice a year and it will keep looking like new. While you are polishing it, make sure to buff out any scratches which happen with regular use.

  1.   Strength and Durability:

If you are looking for something sturdy and durable, oak wood should be your first choice. When you buy an oak desk, you can rest assure that it won’t give out on you and will definitely last for years. As it is made of strong oak wood, your desk will be able to handle the weight of all your stuff and more. As oak wood is known for its durability, you won’t have to buy a new desk every few years. If you take care of your desk and use it properly, an oak desk will last for generations.



  1.   Appearance:

No matter how much we would like to believe to the contrary, it is true that appearances matter. A good impression goes a long way, even when talent and hard work are more important. Add some charm to your impeccable work ethic and impress everyone. An oak desk gives a sophisticated and classy look to any office. It looks nice even after years of usage. It represents traditional craftsmanship which stands out at first glance.

  1. Wide range of styles and designs:

Oak desks are popular and there is a wide range available to choose from. These desks come in several styles and designs. You can opt for a classic heavy desk or opt for a more contemporary looking lighter one. Also, as it is a classic, an oak desk goes well with all décor themes.

oak desk_